Uvue Uvue U60 The Uvue U60 is a classic cylinder style DVR with full HD and "Gesture" .. Product #: MC6 based on 0 reviews

Uvue U60

This model is similar to the ME1 with the exception of FHD recording via a Panasonic image sensor and event record. The classic cylinder shape is both neat and modern.


Like the ME1 the MC6 has "Gesture Record" where an instant photo can be taken by simply waving you hand under the camera. Photos can the easily reviewed or uploaded to social medial such as Instagram, Facebook etc.

MD2 Features
Hardwire Kit Y
Wifi App Y
PC Viewer  
Rear Record  
Parking Mode Y
Emergency Record Y
Impact Sensor Y
Image Sensor Panasonic MN34227
Chipset Hisilicon 3516E-V200
Resolution 1080pp
Max Memory Card 64g
Power 12v
Temperature -20 ~ +70
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